EECS 183 Labs

EECS 183 Lab 10: Python

Lab due on any lab day (April 8-12)

Note: Monday, April 8th, a total solar eclipse will cross over North America. To give everyone the opportunity to experience this event, we are cancelling all course meetings for Monday, 4/8. All labs and office hours will be cancelled for that day. Students who regularly attend labs on Monday are invited to attend another lab for the week. You can find the list of labs on the staff page of the website or on the LSA course guide. There is also a recording of a lab posted to Canvas late on Wednesdays.

Lab accepted for full credit until Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 11:59 pm Eastern

In this lab, you are testing your knowledge of Python.

Lab Assignment

The lab assignment this week is to complete the Canvas quiz Lab 10 - Python Quiz. You have an unlimited number of attempts for the quiz but must complete it by the date at the top of this document.

IMPORTANT: For all labs in EECS 183, to receive a grade, every student must individually submit the assignment. Late submissions for labs will not be accepted for credit. You may take the quiz with your peers in lab but everyone will need to complete and individually submit the Canvas quiz to receive credit.