Team Registration


You must register your 4-person team on the Core autograder and submit the starter code by Monday, April 1 at 11:59PM. We will grade only that you made a submission, not the grade the autograder gives you. You will receive full credit - 5 points - for registration even if you score 0 points on the autograder for this submission, but your team must make a submission to receive credit.

Your team must register for only one of the two final project options. Be certain you wish to register for this project before continuing.

Register on the Core Autograder

Follow all of the steps below. To receive credit, your team must submit the starter files to the autograder - step 8 below.

  1. Find a team of four people. You cannot register until you have a team of four students currently enrolled in EECS 183. Teammates can attend different labs or lectures in the course - anyone currently taking EECS 183 can be on your team.

  2. Collect umich emails of everyone on the team.

  3. One person from the team - head to the autograder for the project Core

  4. Select “Send group invitation”

  5. Enter the emails of your three teammates

  6. Select “Send Invitation”

  7. The other three teammates each head to the autograder for the project Core and accept the invitation.

  8. Someone from the team downloads the starter files and submits them to the autograder. Only one person needs to make a submission.