EECS 183: Elementary Programming Concepts

University of Michigan

EECS 183 is an introductory course to computer science and programming, covering the basics of computing as well as problem-solving and algorithmic thinking.

This Week (Nov. 28 - Dec. 2)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Lecture 23 zyBooks

Core team evaluations due (link will be sent over e-mail)

No Monday labs

No Lecture

No Tuesday labs

Exam 2 11/30 8PM

No Wednesday labs

Lecture 23: Python 1

No Thursday labs
No Friday labs

Current Projects and Labs

Final Project
Reach due Friday 12/9 at 8pm.
Lab 10
Due evening of your lab at 11:59PM, with extension until 11/22.
Core team evaluations
Sent over e-mail. Due Monday, November 28.

Resources for Class

Fall 2022 Exams and Major Deadlines

Exam Dates

Exam 1: October 5, 8PM

Exam 2: November 30, 8PM

There is no final exam.

Project Deadlines

Project 1: September 16

Project 2: September 30

Project 3: October 21

Project 4: November 4

Final Project Core: November 22

Final Project Reach: December 9

Final Project Showcase: December 12